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  The Historic Magma Hospital in Superior, Arizona:

   In 1910, Magma Copper Company took ownership of the Silver Queen properties and developed them into large-scale producers. This began the nearly 80 year reign of Magma Copper as one of Arizona's – and the nation's – most prolific copper mines. Magma Copper did more than secure Superior's future atop the roster of communities that would become famous for its copper production. The company also provided the Town of Superior with employee housing, initial telephone service, and the town’s first and only Hospital.

   Constructed in the early 1920's, the Magma Hospital was a company-owned Hospital originally made of a wood frame. Growth and profitability allowed the company to make many improvements for its workers, including replacement of the wood frame in 1929 with a building made of locally manufactured brick. The structure had two wings, one for patients' rooms and the other, living quarters for staff nurses. In 1947 the building's southern wing was enlarged. When hard times beset the mine, operations ceased and the Hospital was closed in 1983.

   Magma Hospital was the primary care facility for employees of Magma Copper with a staff of doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other personnel. Countless Superior residents have vivid memories that involve the Magma Hospital, including the birth of their children that subsequently went to work for the company.

   Resolution Copper has undertaken an extensive remodeling project on the former Magma Hospital building. As part of the company's growth, Resolution Copper is converting the Hospital into its new corporate headquarters and will invest more than $3 million in interior and exterior renovations. The building's anticipated completion date is spring 2006.

   The new facility, tilted the Verde Building, supports Resolution Copper's goals of developing a 21st century mining operation that encourages innovation and sustainability. The building will embrace sustainable design and pay homage to the Town of Superior's historical significance and cultural heritage. Through this project, Resolution Copper is encouraging and supporting environmental responsibility by renovating the building to meet or exceed green building standards. Resolution Copper is the first mining operation in Arizona to seek green building certification.

   The Verde Building design team is comprised of environmentally sensitive architects and engineers, including several members who are US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED ™ accredited professionals. Many team members specialize in reuse, renovation and historic preservation. This means the Verde Building will not only meet green building standards and be highly functional but that it will also be symbolic in nature. Through a combination of sustainable design, vision and skills the Verde Building will be a tribute to the past as well as a sign of optimism for the future.

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